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"What's Hot with Sea of Tranquility":

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Neil's Acclaimed New Album A CALL TO THE WILD:

"One of my favorite albums of the year. Great, great stuff all the way through. ...Just as strong as Neil's other releases. Terrific guitarist."

-Don Campau, KKUP 91.5 FM (Cupertino, CA, USA)
& Radio Marabu 104.8 FM (Osnabrück, Germany)
Various broadcasts, 2017

"I'm very much impressed by what I hear on A Call To The Wild... Obviously Rambaldi is a great guitar player that can shred with lightning speed, but he does not use his music as a vehicle that allows him to showcase his technical abilities. His emphasis is more on the melody, not just on prowess. References can be made with great Blues Rock guitarists like Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck or Stevie Ray Vaughan, but his playing style is quite unique... He even sings (very well) on one track... One thing that really got me hooked on A Call To The Wild is that Rambaldi inserts a good number of pieces in a "Non Blues Rock" style; Latin Rock, Spanish guitar... Luckily he manages to do this without breaking the general mood of his album. A Call To The Wild is an excellent album that is good from beginning to end. Highly recommended indeed." From Facebook @ProGGnosis: "Fans of Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa... this album should really interest you."

-Marc Roy, ProGGnosis (USA/Canada)
(See full review) (See Facebook post) - July 2017

"It really is exceptional! Somewhere between shred and blues. Great balance of both! ...Shred equal parts Satriani, SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan), and Eric Johnson. This is a fantastic CD! Highly recommended. Neil has a lot of diverse aspects to his playing and writing which are all highly developed!"

-Vinnie DeMasi, writer for Guitar Player Magazine (USA)
October 2017 & July 2018

"Much more than just an instrumental guitar-oriented album... Neil Rambaldi not only has all the chops, but the songwriting skills to match them every step of the way. Highly recommended. While his technique is still quite stellar, evident by the acrobatic riffs & solos on the upbeat rocker "When the Days Were Young", it's his sense of emotion on the dramatic "The Day The Tides Stood Still", the Latin jazz & flamenco flavors of "Mi Corazon", and the gorgeous classical strains of "And the Sun Goes Down..." that reveals all the tools in his arsenal. Of course, plenty of gritty hard rockers to be found, such as the molten funk of "Everything You Say", the driving blues-meets-Middle Eastern tones of "Shadow Armada", and the feisty shred of "Wild Seed", each one a sizzling vehicle for Rambaldi's serious chops of doom. ...The songs here contain a wealth of variety, tones, textures, and colors... ...Can't-miss melody. ...Incredible lead guitar! ...Scorching lead guitar solos."

-Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility (USA)
(See full review) - August 2017

"It's fantastic. This guy is a monster player, but what I really like about this album... Yes, there are a handful of hard rock tunes with some jaw-dropping lead guitar work and musical virtuosity, (but) there is flamenco on here, some classical stuff, little bits of funk, little bits of jazz -- very tasty playing -- very emotional playing -- some great melodies. He's a great guitar player, but he also can write some really good tunes and he knows how to cross different genres and really mix it up a bit. ...I highly recommend you check this out and get your hands on it if you like instrumental guitar music. He's a guy that deserves to be heard by the masses. Lion Music and all the guitar labels out there -- check this guy out. I think he is well deserving of finding a spot on one of your rosters. I really do."

-Pete Pardo, "What's Hot with Sea of Tranquility" YouTube show (USA)
(See full show feature) - August 29, 2017

...Incredibly talented musician. The individual songs contain an unusual wealth of stylistic diversity, tone, textures and colors. Practically every song has its intriguing melody, which is memorable to the recipient. It is a real feast for the ears for anyone who can appreciate the effective, sometimes even acrobatically played music driven by sounds coming from the six strings of the guitar. Neil Rambaldi is not only an outstanding instrumentalist, but also a talented songwriter. "A Call To The Wild" is much more than just an instrumental album (in this set we find several vocal-instrumental pieces). ...A tender note of emotion in the dramatic song "The Day The Tides Stood Still," the optimistic rocker "When the Days Were Young," the Latin American mood of jazz and flamenco in the style of Santana in "Mi Corazon," the classical acoustic mood in "And The Sun Goes Down..." and "Paradise Lost," a beautifully sobbing guitar in "The Sleeper,"—these are just a few examples of the variety of styles and techniques that he uses fluently. We hear classic rock, progressive rock, hard rock, blues... and even a bit of soul, Latin jazz and flamenco. In each of these genres Neil demonstrates a fabulous technique, delighting with his load-bearing riffs played in an almost acrobatic way. I highly recommend.

-Artur Chachlowski, Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów (MLWZ) (Poland)
(See full review) - October 2018

"...A whole myriad of details and adventures to discover if you like to explore the ever-fascinating world of guitar and virtuosity. ...Has a series of resources that are magically articulated through creative compositions, some with a simple touch, melodic and quite poignant, as in that fantastic half-time boot such as "When The Days Were Young," a piece that immediately captivates with its bluesy breath and that little by little goes decanting to a hard rock more and more powerful in its effect. ...Crushing with all the most sensitive aspect that the guitarist has to give of himself."

-Miguel Ramirez, Mundo Rock & Heavy (Chile)
(See full review) - July 2017

"Musically, the all instrumental album is steeped in a well-honed fusion of blues and rock instrumentals in the spirit of Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower and more. The CD is well produced and Neil plays a range of electric / acoustic classical guitars. Neil’s background as an electric guitar superstar, a multi-instrumentalist and a music producer comes sharply into focus on A Call To The Wild."

-Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000 / (USA)
(See full review) - August 2017

"Cool record! Great playing."

Barry Smolin, KPFK 90.7 FM (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
July 2017

"...Great album."

-Okan Meric, (Istanbul, Turkey)
May 2017


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Neil's Acclaimed Solo Debut Album PERPETUAL HORIZON:

"The results are a stunning barrage of sound with enough sound and fury to blow your roof off. ...Monster electric guitar chops."

-Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine (USA)
See full review) - September 2002

"...Beautiful melodic lines that bathe the work. ...Passages of great power and expression."

-Gustavo Bolasini, Patricios 95.5 FM (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
See full review) - June 2004

"...Ridiculously ripping guitar style. Seriously, ripping. No really. We're still picking our jaws up."

-Rumblefish, Inc. (USA)
(Excerpt from Rumblefish's newsletter) - December 2005

"This album is amazing."

-Okan Meric, Rock FM 94.5 FM (Istanbul, Turkey)

March 2003

"What's pleasing about this album, is that he doesn't only know how to handle his guitar, but that he also knows how to write (instrumental) songs with engaging melodies."

-Foob, Radio Scorpio 106.0 FM (Leuven, Belgium)

April 2004

"...An instrumental musical tour de force. ...Well-crafted compositions
that hold a listener's interest."

-Hal Selzer, The Aquarian / East Coast Rocker (NY/NJ/PA, USA)

See cover and full review/interview/article) - January 1, 2003

"...Superb instrumental work. We need to keep our eyes wide open for this talented man."

-Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter'zine (Netherlands)
April 2002

"Loved your CD. Keep it up!"

-Steve Vai (AKA: Guitarist for Frank Zappa / David Lee Roth / Whitesnake)

April 2002

"He sounds real good! ...Real pretty playing! ...Sounds fantastic!"

-Mike Keneally (AKA: Guitarist for Frank Zappa/Steve Vai)

(Excerpt from's weekly radio show) - August 4, 2003

"...Flashy, yet memorable melody lines. His songwriting skills and musical abilities are top-notch. Rambaldi creates a rich and full sound that should appeal to more than guitar players. ...Very promising release, and highly recommended. I'm sure labels like Lion Music or even Shrapnel will scoop him up eventually."

-Pete Pardo, Sea Of Tranquility (USA)
See full review) - December 2002

"...The result is brilliant. Beautiful CD, great guitarist, to have!"

-Matt Cafissi, Guitar Chef (Italy)

April 2003

"...Transports you to a world of joint hallucination. ...Incredible riffs. ...Contagious melody. ...A very noticeable virtuosity."

-Antonio Araya, Metal Era (Chile)

December 2003

"...Very catchy song oriented instrumentals, which also show off his immense talent. ...I can't help but admire what Neil has done on this debut. Very classy."

-Brett VanPut, Transcending The Mundane (USA)

April 2002


-Sergio Vilar, Nucleus (Argentina)

May 2004

"The album showcases his diversity and versatility, with enough presence of cool chops to let the guitar aficionado drool from a selection of various orifices.  ...This album is much worth checking out."

-R. Karsmakers, Metal-E-Zine (Netherlands)
August 2003

"Every track on this CD is a winner.  'Perpetual Horizon' is majestic like the setting sun."

-Laura Turner Lynch, Kweevak (USA)

April 2002

"...Epic sound that is very beautiful and powerful."

-Joel Allen, Hard Prog Radio (USA)
March 2002


*Also available through thousands of record stores in both the U.S. and abroad via special order. This includes Best Buy and Barnes & Noble among other big retailers, and many independent record stores as well. Go ahead into your local store and order it!


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Neil Rambaldi - web cover feature on Guitar Chef webzine (Italy), April 2003.

Neil Rambaldi - cover feature in East Coast Rocker (NY/NJ/PA, USA), January 1, 2003.

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