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If you like Neil Rambaldi's music and want to help in getting it heard by more fans, we first would like to THANK YOU sincerely and ask you to please read on!

The best way to help is to join Neil's street team by sending an e-mail via the link below, including "Street Team" in the subject line, and your country, state/province, and city in the body of the e-mail. (Your location is only used for when Neil needs to promote a live performance locally and we need to contact you.)

Upon signing up, you will receive shareable "street team" links, etc. for Neil's new releases and news you can promote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites that you enjoy using. (To get you started, many of these links you can see below to start copying and pasting to your social media profiles right away!)

Another great way to promote Neil's music is to leave brief album reviews at the online music retailers' websites and app's on Neil's product pages. These store links would be e-mailed to you, but some can also be found below, or you can simply search Neil's albums on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and many others, leaving reviews there.

Your personalized public playlists on music streaming sites/app's (i.e. Spotify) and video streaming sites/app's (i.e. YouTube) also GREATLY help promote Neil's music by adding Neil's songs or videos to your playlists (To our knowledge, Neil's music is currently on all the biggest platforms).

Finally, if Neil is playing a show near you, we can contact you to let you know how you can easily help promote the show, if you are interested. Also, we will do our best to provide you with any free merchandise as a token of our appreciation (such as Neil Rambaldi T-shirts, etc.), OR free entry to the show, depending on the venue or promoter.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about Neil's music! Joining will also put you on Neil's official e-mail mailing list where you will receive exclusive news about Neil's music (but you can opt out of this if you wish). (Your e-mail address will only be used to send you Neil's street team information and Neil's newsletter.)


Some links to get you started right now include the following, which you can copy and paste to your social media profiles right away!:

Neil's Album CD's & Downloads at Amazon:

Neil's Album Downloads & Streaming on iTunes & Apple Music:

Neil's Albums Streaming on Spotify:
(If you use Spotify, add Neil's songs to your playlists!)

Neil's Album Downloads & Streaming on Google Play:

Neil's Albums Streaming on YouTube:

Neil's Albums Streaming on Pandora Radio:

Neil's Albums Streaming on iHeart Radio:

Neil's Albums Streaming on Napster:

Neil's Official "The Punchline" Music Video:

Neil's Official Album Promo Video #1 for A Call To The Wild:

Neil's Official Album Promo Video #2 for A Call To The Wild:

Neil's Official Website:

Neil's Official Artist Profile on Facebook:

Neil's Official YouTube Channel:
(Besides sharing this link, you can also share specific videos you like from Neil's YouTube channel seen at this link. This helps promote Neil's music greatly!)

Neil's Official Artist Profile on Instagram:

Neil's Official Artist Profile on Twitter: